Caring For Your Yarn


While most of our bases include Superwash Merino, we HIGHLY recommend hand washing your knits for longevity.  Hand washing not only protects the vibrancy of the dyed fibres but also helps to maintain the integrity of the wool.  We suggest a 5-10 minute soak in cold water with an unscented and mild detergent meant for delicates or wool.  Gently squeeze articles to remove water, do not wring them out.

No mater how you wash your items, they should ALWAYS be laid flat to dry on blocking mats or a clean towel.

It's normal for your yarn to bleed slightly in the first few washes, especially if the colourway is rich.  Warm water and scented soaps can encourage colours to bleed.

PRO TIP: Swatching and washing your fibre is a great way to check colour fastness, not just your gauge.

A Note On Colour Bleed

Did you know that the ph level of your tap water can actually cause some colours to bleed.  It's TRUE!  If the water you use to wash your FO is alkaline, it might be breaking some chemical bonds between the dyes and fibre.  #SCIENCE
To make sure everything stays in its place, we recommend adding 2 Tbsps of white vinegar to your cold soak water.  Some bleeding may still occur on the first few rinse cycles.
Your yarn should never bleed onto your hands while knitting.  If this occurs please contact us to resolve the issue.